Life Insurance

Life Insurance with King Financial CorporationIndividual life insurance and disability insurance is important when planning for a secure future. If you need to negotiate your current or previous life insurance or disability insurance policy, please schedule a meeting with Brian King and King Financial Corporation today to discuss how we can help.

Life Insurance Policies are nuanced and need explanation from a professional

Life insurance policies often contain details of things that can limit the payout of the policy to the beneficiary that helps to limit the liability incurred by the insurance company. Some common examples are claims relating to suicide, fraud, and pre-existing health conditions. Be sure to talk with Brian King and King Financial Corporation about how these nuances may impact your coverage.

Disability Insurance can help you find security on a rainy day

King Financial Corporation can advise on ways to mitigate the risk that a sudden disability can create for a worker and the impact that worker faces. Disability insurance covers a worker’s paid sick leave, short term, and long term disability benefits. For example, the individual may suffer from an inability to work due to a psychological disorders or an injury, illness or condition.

Insurance Services at King Financial Corporation

Understanding life insurance is at the core of financial planning. Spend time looking at financial risks and ways to mitigate potential problems with health, property and other unexpected consequences in life.