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Using a financial advisor to create retirement plans

We all have hopes and dreams — dreams that are often dependent on solid retirement plans. And that’s where a financial advisor comes in. You may have a good idea of where you want to go in life, and you may have set some financial goals to get there — but as the old saying […]

Buy insurance to protect your biggest asset

Smart investing starts with taking account of all your assets and securing them appropriately. Securing your assets begins with buying insurance to protect your biggest asset – your income. Because King Financial Corporation is independent, we will help you choose which insurance is best based solely on the unique needs and goals of you, the […]

Brian King is your financial advisor in Concord, NC

The business of responsible planning is important to us. As your financial advisor in Concord, King Financial Corporation specializes in nurturing relationships and clear communications. First and foremost, we listen to you. You’ve come to us for a reason. Is it a change in your financial circumstances brought on by a new job or upcoming […]

Retirement planning with Brian King

Knowledge and experience are essential when retirement planning. Brian King is one of Concord’s only independent financial advisors specializing in retirement planning. He plays a central role in the financial future of local corporations and families who want assistance creating a complete retirement planning strategy. There are no packaged retirement planning solutions at King Financial. […]