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The business of responsible planning is important to us. As your financial advisor in Concord, King Financial Corporation specializes in nurturing relationships and clear communications.

First and foremost, we listen to you. You’ve come to us for a reason. Is it a change in your financial circumstances brought on by a new job or upcoming retirement? Are your family needs changing? Newly married? New baby on the way? Kids going to college? You may already have specific financial goals in mind and know what areas of your finances you want to work on first. We will help you prioritize your goals so you can reach breakthroughs in the areas that matter to you most.

King Financial Corporation is a leading financial advisor in Concord, NC

We assess your current finances. Your working with a financial advisor means we look at your cash flow and develop a financial plan to maximize it. We identify financial risks and problem areas. We outline your financial goals based on the needs identified in step 1, and highlight other possible goals you may want to consider.

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We analyze your current asset allocation and determine your risk profile, based on your risk capacity and risk tolerance. We develop an investment portfolio strategy and risk management plan that works best for you, based on your personality, life circumstances and financial situation. We recommend risk management solutions (such as life, disability and long-term care insurance) that are most appropriate for you. We create a retirement projection based on your goals and circumstances.

We ascertain your tax situation and we develop a tax management strategy that most benefits you.

Your financial advisor in Concord, NC

We recommend a comprehensive asset management plan that takes into account all the information gathered in the previous steps. We optimize your investment portfolio for your particular goals and circumstances.

We review any financial plans you have in place and determine if any changes or additions are needed, based on your current and future projections. We help you reduce tax liabilities and maximize resources for your particular goals, whether it’s inter-generational financial planning needs — such as supporting aging parents or dependent children — or legacy planning and charitable giving.

Now that your initial comprehensive financial plan is done, it’s time to put the plan into action. Congratulations. You’re well on your way to achieving your financial dreams. It’s time for a (budget-appropriate) celebration!

Ongoing Financial Planning Checkups

As your financial advisor in Concord, NC, we encourage you to meet with us regularly to review your financial plan and discuss any needed changes. Even if you think nothing has changed on your end, economic and tax changes may be impacting you in ways you don’t realize. We can help ensure that your financial strategy stays optimized for current circumstances.

Working with a financial planner in Concord, NC