Charitable Giving in Concord, NC

King Financial Corporation designates a significant portion of its annual revenues to charitable giving. By doing business within the community, King Financial Corporation is able to give back to Concord.

We’re also keen to help our clients establish a giving plan, whether on the local, national or international level. A Donor Advised Fund may offer the tidiest means for regular giving, but we’re also fans of writing checks to those charities which need them most. As always, it’s best to talk with a financial advisor prior to making significant contributions to charities for the purpose of maximizing your tax benefits while ensuring the maximum amount can be allocated to the good cause.

Donate in Concord

Why charitable giving in Concord, NC?

There are many advantages to giving within your geographical region. For companies and individual donors, charitable giving in Concord can benefit directly by providing access to a section of the community that’s sometimes out of reach. Firstly, you’ll have confidence that the dollars being spent are going to those nearby who need it most. Our local non-profits often share your interests and values, too. Furthermore, local charitable contributions often allow givers to visit the operation where your charitable giving is going. Accountability is often best made with frequent visits.

“Your business affords me the opportunity to give back to the community.”
–W. Brian King, Certified Financial Planner™

A percentage of King Financial revenue is given back to the community every year via financial charitable giving. By doing business within the community of Concord and surrounding areas, we are able to give back to the community.

King Financial practices financial charitable giving to:

Donors should carefully plan their charitable contributions to qualified organizations. How much is legal to deduct for charitable contributions and which charities are tax deductible? For help with these answers, it is important to ask your qualified advisor for help.

Is your charitable contributions going to an established 501(c)(3)?

Visit to search their nonprofit database and find out.