Why Contact King Financial Corporation?

We work through all aspects of your financial planning goals, incorporating new strategies, mitigating risk and maximizing returns.

Brian KingYour financial future is impacted by decisions you make today. With whom you choose to help plan that future may be the most important decision of all. You know you need an advisor who has experience, and you know you need someone you can trust. But you also need to know who your advisor is working for and with. As an independent advisor, and a Board Certified Financial PlanningTM Practitioner, I am accountable to you.


King Financial CorporationIndependence gives our firm an asset that many advisors at other companies – no matter how large – don’t have: the freedom to choose. Our firm has the ability to choose how to serve you, which investment products to use, and what business relationships to work with. We are able to choose from a wide array of products and solutions that make sense for you.


North Carolina FlagWe’re independent, but we’re not alone. Kestra Financial is comprised of two affiliates, Kestra Advisory Services, a Registered Investment Advisor, and Kestra Investment Services, a Broker Dealer. As an independent advisor with the strength of Kestra Investment Services behind us, we are able to help clients gain access to top providers and products at competitive pricing difficult for other advisors to obtain, especially if they are on their own.


Why Contact King Financial Corporation?

  • A Friendly Office to Meet in Person
  • Adjusting to Changing Economic Climates
  • Risk Management Strategies for Investing
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Investment Planner and Investment Planning
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Asset Allocation
  • Tax Management Strategy
  • Unbiased Insurance Consultation