Buy insurance to protect your biggest asset

Smart investing starts with taking account of all your assets and securing them appropriately. Securing your assets begins with buying insurance to protect your biggest asset – your income. Because King Financial Corporation is independent, we will help you choose which insurance is best based solely on the unique needs and goals of you, the client.

A diversified portfolio starts with good insurance

Many folks know their savings needs to be spread into diversified funds and to have their money managed by a financial advisor who has this diversification in mind. But these people do not necessarily have their assets properly protected if they haven’t audited their own insurance strategies with the help of a financial professional.

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The reason to diversify a portfolio is to compensate when a particular investment goes down. Included with that is the potential for your personal job income to be compromised in the event of an unforeseen life event.

401k - Buy insurance to protect your biggest asset

Adding disability insurance and life insurance may help you to avoid the catastrophic impact on your portfolio in the event you or someone in your family has a disruption in income.

The financial effects of an injury or death in the family can be mitigated with traditional disability and life insurance policies that pay out predetermined amounts in the event something goes wrong. That amount needs to be calculated by a financial advisor who will keep in mind your family’s current and future earning potential while keeping in mind overall risk management across all your portfolio. A disability or insurance policy, for instance, works a little bit like stock options so that if something goes wrong your estate will receive a specific amount of money to offset the future income that can’t be earned.

Working with a skilled financial advisor such as Brian King allows for the customization of that investment strategy with insurance being the first component to protecting your family’s wealth in all scenarios.

Looking beyond retirement, your financial advisor also looks at expenses involved with maintaining a standard of living into old age. While 85 years might be a common number used in determining the age of death, who’s to say you won’t live to be 110? For this reason King Financial Corporation can offer additional options to protect your standard of living for the life of you. For instance, long-term health care insurance policies offer benefits in the event assisted living is required. Additionally, annuities can help hedge the risk of financial hardship during extended retirement by paying out regular payments. There are many other structured products King Financial Corporation will recommend based on your unique requirements. Remember, financial planning is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

An annuity is an insurance product that pays out money as part of your overall retirement planning. Annuities are for investors wanting to insure stable payments beyond retirement.

Brian King has the freedom to use what works best now, and the flexibility to make smart changes in the future. King Financial Corporation can offer individuals and businesses the customized strategy to deliver peace of mind and growth.

For more information on life insurance, Investopedia offers more background information on insurance.

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