Concord a top 10 “Fastest Growing U.S. City”

We’re proud of the national attention for Concord’s economic growth. The city recently made the top 10 list of “Fastest Growing Cities” according to National statistics were collected on 515 cities throughout the U.S. and experts compared key indicators pointing to which cities are having the most success with responsible growth. The data spanned between 2009 and 2015.

Concord’s population now exceeds 85,000

If you’re a resident of Concord or live within Cabarrus County you’ve seen the changes as new businesses and incredible growth in industry continues to thrive. In October Concord Regional Airport opened its new $12.6 million terminal that will allow three times the number of flights in and out of the area. The Cabarrus Economic Development Agency helped to mark the milestone, and Mayor Scott Padgett perfectly described the giddiness we’re all feeling with Concord’s economic growth.

“I can’t believe I’m in Concord. This is first class.”Scott Padgett

King Financial Corporation is doing its part to support our businesses, both big and small, to adapt to the record growth. Many of these businesses are using our customized financial solutions, including life insurance, 401(k) plans and extensive employee investment options for its employees.

We’ve also been providing retirement planning services to those individuals and families who are part of this growth. For nearly two decades King Financial Corporation has worked to build a reputation as a leader in the investment advisor services sector here in Concord, NC. We’re grateful to our parents, friends and community leaders who have done so much to bring responsible growth and a solid infrastructure to allow for our prosperity.

We’ve advised hundreds of businesses, individuals and families in North Carolina to help everyone accomplish their goals. Concord economic growth continues to help our communities thrive.

Concord, NC