MXGP Motocross in Concord means business

Cabarrus County is where racing lives! Of course, we’re talking specifically about world-class car racing—even more specifically, NASCAR racing. But that’s all about to change with Motocross in Concord and Cabarrus County’s very own world-class motocross championship event called the Monster Energy MXGP of the Americas. The Grand Prix event will be held on September 2-3, 2016 at the zMAX Dragway at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.


The best motocross riders in the world and thousands of fans will travel from three continents and 16 countries to visit us here at the Motocross in Concord, North Carolina. Millions more will watch the action on television or the internet. Motocross in Concord means business for Concord.

World-Class Motocross: Good for Business in Concord, NC and Cabarrus County

Race organizers expect 15,000 international spectators to travel to Concord, NC to attend the Monster Energy MXGP of the Americas. That’s on top of the estimated 1,500 riders, support teams, race and media representations.

We’re talking about 16,500+ people purchasing airline tickets, renting cars, riding in taxis, staying in hotels and eating out. According to event organizers, the global economic impact to Concord, NC, Cabarrus County and the Charlotte metro area is estimated at $1.3 million in direct and indirect income sources.

With the Monster Energy MXGP of the Americas falling on Labor Day weekend, it should encourage U.S.-based tourists to take advantage of the long weekend and spend some extra time (and money) in our area, further boosting the financial benefits.

The positive financial impact for Concord and Cabarrus County, not to mention all of Charlotte, is astounding for this two-day event.

It just goes to show how good timing, great preparation, an excellent reputation and successfully building on assets you already have in place can positively impact financial outcomes. It sounds a lot like successful financial planning, doesn’t it?

Motocross in Concord will be best in world

The MXGP World Championship series is the best in the world, run on 18 world-renowned race tracks throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. Recent emphasis has been on finding nice, comfy stadiums that offer spectators a clean place to sit and enjoy the dirt slinging — to be part of the action without literally being part of the action.

And that’s where Concord comes in. Because, as you know, we’ve got this really nice facility for racing. And not just car racing. Throw a bunch of dirt on the concrete zMAX Dragway, and you’ve got all you need for a world-class motocross racing event. Take that Daytona!

Photo Credit: CMS/HHP Photo - Charlotte Motor Speedway

Photo Credit: CMS/HHP Photo – Charlotte Motor Speedway

“There is no bigger motocross event in the world than the Monster Energy MXGP of the Americas,” said CEO Marcus Smith of Speedway Motorsports, Inc., the company that operates Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Motocross in Concord, NC: Thrills and Spills

Race organizers will transform the four lanes of Concord’s zMAX Dragway into a world-class motocross course, designed by Youthstream, the company responsible for the MXGP events.

Packed into the one-mile course will be 15 daredevil jumps that will shoot riders 25 to 30 feet into the air, 12 tight turns sure to cause some messy spills and seven challenging switchbacks designed for close-action and thrills.

The straightaways in between will deliver pulse-pounding speeds topping 55 MPH. The comfy grandstands will place spectators at just the right distance from the awe-inspiring action.

“It’s going to be an amazing race course and an amazing weekend,” said Motocross Champion Jeremy McGrath. “The course is going to be tough and tight. Fans are going to see crazy jumps out there. If they’ve never been to a motocross event, this is one to see! And, it will be cool to show off Charlotte to the world circuit.”

The Motocross in Concord zMAX Dragway sits on 125 acres in Concord, NC across U.S. Highway 29 from the main race track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The all-concrete, four-lane drag strip is only a few years old but is already famous. Apparently it’s “the world’s fastest drag strip” and the only four-wide racing venue for NHRA drag racing. Transforming the concrete dragway into a custom-designed dirt motocross course will require months of labor and several tons of dirt and gravel. Construction will begin after the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals in April 2016.

The zMax Dragway for Motocross in Concord is one of only two U.S. tracks included in the international MXGP series. The other U.S. event, The Monster Energy MXGP of USA, is held in San Bernardino, CA the week after the Concord, NC race.

“The area of the zMAX Dragway is perfect to build a spectacular race track where the best motocross riders in the world can race in front of thousands of spectators who will be seated comfortably in the grandstands,” said Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo. “The event will be followed live worldwide by a massive TV audience.”

The Monster Energy MXGP event will thrust Concord and Charlotte onto the global motocross racing stage. Are we ready for our close-up? Of course we are. We are world-class NASCAR. We are championship football. We have what it takes for the world stage.

Tickets for the two-day event start at $63 for adults and $37 for youths. Find out more at or by calling 1-800-455-FANS.

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